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Viet Food Channel is a food channel found and managed by Vietnamese born, experienced cooks who have been studying and working in English speaking countries.


Why Viet Food Channel? 

we are here to fill the language and culture gaps


Viet Food Channel can fill the gap

Viet Food Channel fill the gap


People are seeking Vietnamese food, but what they have found is distorted information from travelers, foreign chefs and irresponsible bloggers.

Particular mistakes about Vietnamese food by non-Vietnamese

  •  Giada De Laurentiis from the Food Network soaks rice paper until soft before rolling
  •  Tom Kime (Rick Stein’s student) thought the filling of Banh Cuon – Vietnamese steamed rice pancakes — is made from chicken
  • Jamie Feldmar on Serious Eats thought that Che Kho is Che Com and made other small mistakes.

It is a language and culture gap issue because:

International friends do not know the Vietnamese language and culture. They can not explore and truly understand Vietnamese food.

Viet interpreters do not have adequate food vocabulary; ask them the English name of 5 popular herbs in Vietnam or 5 cooking techniques and you will see.

Even if their English is good, Interpreters cannot really be accurate unless they have the food knowledge. Like the young Italian generation, many Vietnamese girls have grown up without learning to cook properly, especially highly educated people.


Viet Food Channel fills the gaps

We can make the connections between food, culture and language.

Huyen Chi – the founder – was born in a family in which food is central. She has trained to cook since she was 6 years old. After graduating from The University of Nottingham and working in the UK, Huyen came back to Vietnam to learn more about Vietnamese food. Currently, she is a steering committee member of the Hanoi Chef Community and is developing a close relationship with the Hanoi Culinary Academy.

To share knowledge in any particular area you must be an expert in that area or have access to expert knowledge. Viet Food Channel can do this because we can share not only our own experiences but also those of our mothers and our grandmothers. We can learn from other Vietnamese cooks, Vietnamese food explorers and famous Vietnamese chefs.

Viet Food Channel promises to share with you our knowledge and experience from the best sources.