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5 ways to eat noodle in Vietnam

  Noodle soup is not the only child in Vietnamese noodle family. It has siblings chấm noodle, trộn noodle, xào noodle and other dishes. 1. Chan Chan means pour You pour a generous amount of broth to cover the noodle which not only to flavour it but to keep it […]

rice vermicelli with grilled pork in Danang Style - Danang Vietnam

boiled pork in Vietnamese style huyenchi11 vietfoodchannel

Boiled pork in Vietnamese Style

How to boil pork belly in Vietnamese style In Vietnamese cuisine, we have several boiled dishes such as boiled pork, boiled chicken, boiled vegetable. These dishes seem to be flavourless but when you accompany it by dipping sauce and fresh fragrant herbs, it’s … a whole new story. Boiled pork […]