5 ways to eat noodle in Vietnam


Noodle soup is not the only child in Vietnamese noodle family. It has siblings chấm noodle, trộn noodle, xào noodle and other dishes.

1. Chan

pho noodle soup

pho noodle soup

Chan means pour

You pour a generous amount of broth to cover the noodle which not only to flavour it but to keep it hot while you are eating.

Particular chan noodle dishes:


2. Chấm – Dip

Bún chả - chargrilled pork with rice vermicelli

Bún chả – chargrilled pork with rice vermicelli

Chấm means dip
You dip noodle into the dipping sauce and eat. The noodle is served with fragrant herbs, fried tofu/ boiled pork / fried spring rolls / grilled pork.

Particular Chấm noodle dishes:

  • Bún chả – chargrilled pork with rice vermicelli
  • Bún đậu mắm tôm  –   rice vermicelli served with fried tofu and shrimp paste dipping sauce
  • Chả cá Lã Vọng  –  grilled marinated cat fish fillet in Lã Vong style served with rice vermicelli, herbs, peanut and shrimp paste dipping sauce


3. Trộn – mixed noodle

rice vermicelli with grilled pork in Danang Style - Danang Vietnam

rice vermicelli with grilled pork in Danang Style – Danang Vietnam

Trộn means mix
You mix the noodle bowl and eat.
Mixed noodle is a large bowl of blanched/fresh noodle, garnished with topping ingredients such as sliced duck breast, fried shallot and herbs. It is normally served with a modest amount broth, sometimes the broth or dipping sauce.


Particular mixed noodle dishes:

  • Miến ngan trộn  – mixed muscovy duck noodle
  •  Mỳ Quảng         –  Quảng Nam region noodle bowl
  •  Bún bò Nam Bộ –  Lemongrass beef noodle in Southern style.


4. Xào – stir fry

Xào means stir-fried 

You stir-fried noodle with vegetable and other ingredients such as thinly sliced beef. Sometimes it’s just simple as stir-fried pho noodle with egg, finished with green-onion.

Particular stir-fried noodle dishes

  • Phở xào – stir-fried phở with beef and vegetable
  • Mì xào  – stir-fried egg noodle or rice noodle
  • Bún xào – stir-fried rice vermicelli


5. Other ways of eating Vietnamese noodle

  • Roll in rice paper into a summer roll
  •  Serve with hotpot
  •  Make salad



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