Boiled pork in Vietnamese Style

How to boil pork belly in Vietnamese style

In Vietnamese cuisine, we have several boiled dishes such as boiled pork, boiled chicken, boiled vegetable.
These dishes seem to be flavourless but when you accompany it by dipping sauce and fresh fragrant herbs, it’s … a whole new story.

Boiled pork in a very popular dish in Vietnamese cooking, we not only use it in main meal but also as an ingredient in other dishes such as Vietnamese fresh spring roll.

boiled pork recipe in vietnamese style

boiled pork and salt dipping
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Vietnamese language through food:

 Thịt luộc

  • Thịt means pork  (in this context)
  • Luộc means boil

Thịt luộc mean boiled pork

Boiled pork recipe

1 1/2 lb. belly pork or pork leg
1-2 shallot, grilled (optional)
1 tbsp. vinegar
Fragrant herbs, coriander (cilantro), spearmint/mint and your choice of herbs


Option 1:
1/6 cup good fish sauce
1 tsp.fresh lime/lemon juice
Sugar, to taste
chopped chilli, to taste
Mix all ingredients together and add chilli
Option 2:
1-2 tbsp. salt
4-5 toasted peppercorn, ground
1/3-1 tsp. sugar
1-3 tbsp. fresh lime/lemon juice, to taste
Chopped chilli, to taste
Mix all ingredients together and add chilli
Option 3:
2 tbsp. Vietnamese shrimp paste (mắm tôm)
2 tbsp. fresh lime/lemon juice
1 tsp. white wine
sugar, to taste
chopped chilli, to taste
Add sugar and lime juice to shrimp paste and whisk till spongy, add white wine and stir, add chilli



  1. Pour water into a medium pot so that it reaches a depth of 2”, add 1 tbsp salt, 1 tbsp vinegar and bring to medium heat, about 500 C, add pork (cut into 2-3 equal thick pieces). Bring to rolling boil for two minutes then strain and rinse pork under cold running water; Clean the pot, add water and bring to rolling boiled again, reduce the heat to medium, add shallot, salt, pork and cook, about 30 minutes. Transfer immediately into a bowl of cold/ice water and leave for 10 minutes. Remove, cover and refrigerate till serve.
  2. Meanwhile, make the dipping sauce of your choice and prepare fragrant herbs (read more at Vietnamese herbs)
  3. Cut pork into 1/12” thick slices and transfer to a serving platter. Serve with dipping sauce, fragrant herbs and other dishes in Vietnamese dinner.
boiled pork with green mustard pickle by huyenchi11 vietfoodchannel

Boiled pork with green mustard pickle
Photo: huyenchi11



  1. Serve with white rice, other dishes and fragrant herbs especially spearmint
  2. Serve with rice vermicelli, dipping sauce and fragrant herbs
  3. Used in Vietnamese summer rolls


    • To test if the meat is cooked: Inserting a skewer or a chopstick into the middle of the meat If there is no pink juice coming, it’s cooked.
    • Cut pork into equal thick pieces so it will be cooked consistently, Too large chunk cause overcooked on the outside and undercooked in the middle.

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