Summer Rolls vs Spring rolls

Summer rolls are fresh rolls; spring rolls are fried rolls.

  • Summer rolls is fresh and cool, suitable for the summer
  • Spring rolls is crispy hot, traditionally prepared in the spring when the Luna New Year


Summer rolls has other English names as salad roll, fresh rolls, fresh spring rolls and summer rolls.
Summer rolls is a dish bustling with fragrant fresh herb; rice vermicelli and a choice of meat/fish/poultry. All ingredients are wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper then served with traditional dipping sauce or peanut dipping sauce.

Vietnamese chargrilled fish rolls

chargrilled fish rolls










Spring rolls is a fried roll of a mixture wrapped in rice papers. The mixture traditionally consists of pork, black fungus, shitake mushroom, glass noodle, carrot, onion, shallot, kohlrabi, eggs. That’s traditional pork Nem but can be adjusted to several types such as crab rolls, shrimp rolls, veggie rolls.

scrumptious rolls

4 differences between two types of vietnamese rolls

Vietnamese name 

  • Summer rolls – Gỏi Cuốn
  • Spring rolls – Nem/ Chả giò


  • Summer rolls: fresh herbs, rice vermicelli and/or pork, shrimp, fish, beef, tofu …
  • Spring rolls:   vegetable (carrot, kohlrabi), glass noodle, minced pork, shrimp, mushroom, eggs …

Preparing methods

Summer rolls: most are raw and pre-cooked ingredients rolled in rice paper
Spring rolls:  the mixture is wraped in rice paper then being deep-fried


Preparing order

Summer rolls: cook then wrap

Spring rolls: wrap then cook



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